What Is Root Canal Treatment ? 
" No Need To Get The Tooth Removed. "
Dr.Praveen Kumar Gali Explained Here About the steps and Details of The Procedure
Painful Tooth Due To Pulpal Infection 
Root Canals Inside Tooth Are Passages To Bone And Surrounding Tissues 
Opening Made To Access Root Canals 
Provides Direct Access To Infected Area. Root Canals Are Subsequently Cleaned And Disinfected by Files And Irrigating Solutions. 
Root Canal Filling
After Thorough Cleaning And Irrigating Root Canals, A Filling Of Guttapercha Coated With Sealer Is Placed In Root Canals.
Post Endo Restoration Or Permanent Filling 
A Permanent Filling Is Placed In Initial Opening.Finally Tooth Will Adjusted And A Cap/Crown Will Be Placed On It.
Root Canal Treatment Removes All The Pain And Provides Faster Relief.
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Meet Dr.Praveen Kumar Gali (M.D.S) Endodontist 

Dr.Praveen Has Completed His Masters Degree In Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics 

Endodontists Deal With Thousands Of Root Canal Treatments During Their Masters And Can Easily Treat Most Difficult Cases.
Dr.Praveen At Suraksha Dental Follows International Standards In Root Canal Treatments Such As Rubber Dam Application, Q mix Sealer, Sonic Activation, Resin Sealer, Composite Restoration.
We Even Restore Badly Broken Tooth To Function With Endodontics.
Few Examples Of Root Canal Treatments Done
 At Suraksha Dental